Windows and Mac Computer Tracking Software TheOneSpy Review

TheOneSpy is a multi-platform monitoring and tracking software that allows supervising the use of computers running Windows and Mac operating system. The software comes preloaded with scores of features to track the computer use of someone else. The tracking software is particularly intended for the employers and parents to keep their workers and children under surveillance. The parents can track the computers of their children to monitor their digital behavior and protect them from the dangers of cyber-bullying, child predation, cat fishing, hacking and scamming. The employers can monitor their workers to restrict them from unproductive activities and boost their efficiency.

How does the Tracking Software Work?

The tracking software accesses the data saved on the monitored computer devices and upload that data to TOS account. This data includes the emails, social media conversations and keystrokes among others. To take the advantage of the Spy Software for PC, you need to download and install it on the computers of your children and employees.

Features of TheOneSpy Tracking Software

The software offers a wide range of traditional and modern spying features to monitor and remotely control the targeted computer. Given are the core features of the computer tracking software that work on MAC and Windows computers.

Screen Recording

What if you could monitor every single activity performed on the computers of your workers? The surveillance software lets you see and record whatever appears on the target computer. For instance, if your worker is busy playing Solitaire on his computer during working hours or wasting his time on unproductive activities, the screen recording feature lets you record all of his needless activities.

Capture Screenshots

Similar to the screen recording feature, the screenshots let you capture whatever appears on the computer of your children or workers in real-time. You can send a command to the target device from the TOS account to capture screenshots with a specific interval and at your selected time period.

Listen to Surroundings

Knowing what your workers speak about you is of great significance. The spy software lets you listen to the conversations of your workers remotely operating the microphone of their computer devices. No matter where you are the spy software keeps you aware of the company gossips and unproductive discussions of your workers. To listen to the surrounding sounds and voices, you need to send a command from the TOS account.

Record Surrounding Scenes

You can listen to the conversations of your workers remaining at a distance from them but what if you could also see what they are doing? The computer tracking software lets you monitor and record the activities performed in the vicinity of the target computer. You can remotely turn on the camera of the target computer and capture photos or record short videos to see what is happening in the surroundings of the device. As you send a command from the TOS account, the app starts capturing photos or recording audio and video using the front and back camera of the target computer.

Track Emails

Tracking the emails of your workers without accessing their accounts and computers has only become possible with the computer spy software. You can read the emails received and sent from the target computer and can also see the information regarding the email sender and receiver.

Keystroke Logging

The spy software records the strokes applied to the keyboard of the monitored computer including the keystrokes of username, password, email addresses and messengers. These keystrokes can be used to closely monitor the email accounts, instant messengers and other online accounts once operated on the target computer device.

Monitor Internet Use

Monitoring the internet use of your workers is of great importance as it lets you whether or not your workers are involved in unproductive activities. The software accesses the internet browsing history of the target computer and shows the details of visiting websites and searching information on the monitored computer. The employers can block access to the unproductive and unwanted websites that are frequently being visited.


The TOS computer monitoring is found to be reliable and innovative spying software. It provides an inexpensive spying solution to businesses and helps protecting the company confidential information and keeps workers from engaging in unproductive activities and misconduct.