How to Find a Good Job

Every day, thousands of new offers appear on job search sites, but finding the one that is right for you is not easy. You will be browsing through different resources, and it might be a good idea to flick through free local classified ads placed by the prospective employers. However, you should pay attention to several things that will help you find a good job.

An excellent reviews

The main thing is to clearly indicate the position you are applying for. According to the research, most employers will not consider a cv with the wording “any position” or “specialist”. You need to decide what you want. In a nutshell, it is better not to give links to your pages in social networks, where the employer can find information that compromises you. A cv should not be too long: it is enough to list the skills and abilities. A perfect cv about one page long.

Know your worth

Find out the average salary for a particular job. If you have little or even no job experience, the bar needs to be slightly lowered, and if, on the contrary, you have rich experience, a second higher education, or can speak a popular foreign language fluently, the desired salary amount can be increased. It should be borne in mind that too low a level of the salary you indicate will force the employer to consider you unprofessional, and if it is too high, you might be regarded as excessively ambitious.

“Friendly team” does not matter

When looking for a job, the applicant must carefully read through all the vacancies. Do not immediately stick to the requirements and salary suitable for the university graduate if you are an experienced employee. The phrase “ready to do overtime” can actually mean a 12-hour working day, and “stress-resistance” entails working under an inadequate and eccentric boss. If you want to find night shift jobs, you should be very specific about the conditions acceptable for you. Nowadays, the phrase “friendly team” is a rather frequent occurrence. In fact, this is a mere empty collocation that is basically used by the employer to attract potential employees, but also divert attention from other important characteristics that the work environment might lack.

Do not relax for a second

Even after sending out the cv, you should not get back to lying idly on the couch in waiting of THE call. Applicants must constantly remind about themselves to the potential employers: having sent a cv by e-mail, it is better to call and clarify whether a cv has come through, and when it is possible to come for an interview. Employers like candidates willing to take the initiative.

Dress code matters

Only 3% of employers find the appearance of the employee absolutely unimportant. If you are invited for an interview, you need to take the matter of your appearance very seriously. It is not necessary for a man to wear a black business suit: a jacket can be replaced by a light jumper. As for a woman, a good option is a dress of medium length. You do not have to look as neat as a new pin, but your clothes, hair, nails, and so on should be clean.