The Most Popular and Trusted Legal CRM Systems

CRM systems are powerful tools to manage every business process in your company and improve your interactions with clients. This process becomes even more important in legal business because here we deal with specific cases, huge and changing client base, documents, and financial issues and so on. Legal CRM systems help you fully manage your legal processes and run every operation smoothly using an all-in-one solution. If you are running a legal business you probably know how difficult it is to manage all the business processes without a good management system, in this case, a legal one. So here is a short list of top systems for you to take into consideration.

№1: Bpm’online

Bpm’online is one of the most unique legal CRM systems used all over the world and implemented for numerous industries. To learn more go here

This practice management system is widely used in legal industry by attorneys, law firms and so on. This system is definitely one of the most trusted ones in the industry, as the number of users and their positive reviews show. This management tool is well-known for its unique features and thousands of opportunities. They include time recording, document organization, billing, accounting, business process management, analysis, case and finance management, as well as marketing and sales features.

№2: App4Legal

App4Legal is another good management system that helps you manage your business processes and concentrate on the most important aspects of your workflow. This system is famous for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, as well as exclusive features. This web-based solution is of great help to individual lawyers and law firms to manage and optimize the work of law companies. The system offers such tools as HR and client management, document and library management, time tracking, accounting, client portal, billing, invoicing and much more. What concerns the support, it is provided online, on 24/7 basis. Another great advantage is the support of iOS & Android apps.

№3: Lawcus

Lawcus  is a popular all-in-one legal practice management software. This system is a simple and easy to use one, famous for unique tools and features. The most powerful and effective ones include drag and drop options, appointment and document organization, workflow automation, billing, accounting, time tracking, contact management, internationalization, customization and integration with such famous apps and systems as Gmail, outlook, box, zapier, Google calendar, exchange and so on.