Look for These Features in A Window AC

With summer around the corner, the search for an efficient cooling solution takes precedence. A window air-conditioner is one such effective cooling solution. The availability of a large number of brands like Voltas offering a wide variety of window AC’s makes the search cumbersome and confusing. There are certain features of window air conditioners that you need to look for in order to choose a window AC that suits your needs.

Fan speeds – Adjustable

The variable fan speed allows you to control the speed at which a window AC cools down the room. The popular choices available are as follows

  • Two fan speeds – Two speed modes, namely low and high to choose from.
  • Three fan speeds – A window AC with three fan speeds have three-speed settings, Low, medium and high.

The speed of the fan also changes the noise produced by the window AC. The highest noise at high fan speed and so on. So, you can choose the speed setting as per your cooling needs and sound preference.

Swivel directional vents

This feature allows you to precisely control the direction of airflow. This allows you to use a window AC as per your need, especially at times when you wish to use it along with ceiling or room fan. This feature enables the user to use targeted cooling and microclimates maintenance irrespective of room size. The directional vents usually are multi-directional to allow you to cover a large space.

The types of filters

The filters are an integral part of a window AC. Their primary work is preventing the entry of grime and dirt inherent in the air into the AC. There are following two types of filters

  • Washable filters- These filters are removable and can be cleaned, allowing you to use them multiple times. These are durable and can withstand multiple washes thereby proving to be an economical alternative.
  • Standard filters- These are basic filters that are popularly used in many of the window ACs. They need to be replaced periodically to keep the AC functioning normally.


This feature allows you to control the level of cooling output. With this, you can select the temperature of the air emitted by the window AC. Usually, the mid to high range window AC of a brand like Voltas will come with a digital thermostat. This allows precise control of the room temperature. It also comes with the automatic feature of shutting off or increasing the cooling to maintain the desired temperature.

The AC remote

The remote control allows easy operation of the window AC from anywhere in the room. It’s ideal for places where accessing the window AC is difficult.

Programmable Timer

The programmable timer allows you to preset your desired settings like fan speed as default. Certain models also allow you to set the time for which the appliance remains active or inactive.

The energy star rating is another important feature that should be considered. It depicts the energy efficiency of a window AC. The inherent functions of features like programmable timer and thermostat vary with models and brands. So, it’s important to compare the specifications and prices of different models by using a comparison site like compareraja.in. The sites like compareraja.in allows you to compare the specification and prices of different window AC brands and models.